Client Testimonials

  • Daniela D.

    From Yelp.com, Whitestone, NY
    Love their spray tan. The color is NOT orange and lasts for about a week! Ria is a pro - she individualizes the color based on what you want. The express spray is amazing - you can shower in 2-3 hrs! Love it :)
  • Nick K.

    From Yelp.com, Little Neck, NY
    I haven't went for Facial in 10 yrs. had a painless blackhead removal, now I am glowing ever since.. Keep it popping ladies!!
  • Enza G.

    From Yelp.com, Williston Park, NY

    I have to say I never thought I would laser it's one of those things would love to do..... be maintenance-free. But who wants to deal with the embarrassment of being in positions that one wouldn't feel comfortable with. But being uncomfortable is not a feeling I had from the moment I stepped in the door. They are kind customer service oriented great to talk to, funny and completely honest!!

    I started with Brazilian, went to lip and under arms and now legs....I have had my facials and eyebrows done as well.

    I wouldn't go anywhere else to receive these services.....

    I recommend them to everyone I know!

    Keep up the great work ladies

  • Karen Y.

    From Yelp.com, Oakland Gardens, NY

    Best laser hair removal service out there. Staff really takes care of you and makes you feel comfortable. I'm extremely happy with the results when I lasered my underarms. The equipment that they use does not hurt compared to what I have done in the past. Going to get my brazillian done here too! I highly recommend this place!

  • Jennifer S.

    From Yelp.com, Bayside, NY

    I came to Aura after having tried laser hair removal at another salon with no results. I was mad at myself for having spent a lot of money somewhere else with poor results. Aura changed everything around for me. I noticed results after the first session. Ria and staff are very nice and accomodating. I even had my eybrows done with the "Eyebrow Guru" and loved the results. The salon itself is gorgeous too. Aura also offers frequent discounted specials so try to take advantage of them as well. I highly recommend them!

  • Sherry M.

    From Yelp.com, Bayside NY.

    I'm super SUPER picky when it comes to spas. This place is super clean, everyone who works there is so sweet. Maria really is an eyebrow goddess, she does an amazing job, i use to thread for years & would end up with 2 different eyebrows! now they're perfectly even. Also, i quit Brazilian waxing YEAHY! did a few sessions of the pain free laser hair remover, so worth it!!! I also go here for the spray tan. Lasts for a week no smudges no orange color its just perfect. So happy with this place. A gem in the neighborhood!!

  • Georgia V.

    From Yelp.com, Brooklyn

    They schedule you for 6, 3 minute sessions- one every 6 weeks.
    I have had 2 sessions so far of the laser hair removal and the results are unbelievable. Each time, after about 1 week, the area has almost no regrowth again until right before the next session. Ria is great- honest, polite and calming.
    The treatment is long term affordable- I plan on splurging for the brazialian. If I'm going to spend $90 at bliss every two month and have the hair grow back, I'd rather pay $500 and never see it again! It pays for itself after 5 visits. They also always offer promos- small areas are only $100 when they have a promo going.
    And now the pain level: actually not that bad! They put a bunch of cool gel on the area (kind of looks like your getting a sonogram on whatever spot) and then move a wand around it. Its more of a warm pain that feels more concentrated in the areas with thicker hair and smells a little like burnt hair. But when it comes down to it, its only 3 minutes- by the time you're uncomfortable, its over.
    Highly recommended!

  • Maria K.

    Maria K., Whitestone

    I am absolutely obbsessed with this place, there is no turning back once you get your eyebrows done here! #hooked I can't wait to also get some more services I heard their facials and massages are to die for! and maybe when I get enough courage I'll do the laser which has also been highly recomended by friends :) Worth it!!!!

  • Faith d.

    From Yelp.com, Manhattan

    So I have been getting a Brazilian wax for almost 10 years because I was petrified to get laser hair removal. After finally having enough of ingrowns a friend of mine referred me to Spa Aura. And all I can say is what in the world was I waiting for????

    First off let me say Ria couldn't be any nicer or funnier. She makes it extremely comfortable, and us woman know its not always the most comfortable position to be in for the first time with someone new.

    As far as the actual hair removal. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel anything however, it's 4 minutes of a very tolerable "feeling" I have only had 2 sessions so far and I'm amazed! I have not shaved in 2 weeks and still don't really have too. Normally when shaving I was a daily shaver so this is like heaven for me!

    I highly recommend seeing Ria for the laser hair removal. I know once done with this I'm moving onto another body part :)

  • Vickievixstar A.

    From Yelp.com, Queens

    i decided to grow out my brows for about 3-4 months *please don't judge, i wasn't That scary looking, lol* but- i was told that is about how long it takes for your brows to fully grow out- & after going to these threading places- they ruin your shape and natural arch ya know what i mean?!

    I wasn't sure where to go or who to do them BUT! It was DEF time to tweeze'em!

    Then i saw an advertisement on fb about the "brow guru" and made an appt with aura laser to see maria. making the appointment last minute I got the time i needed and date without any problems. when i arrived i was warmly greeted by Maria & after 30 mins with a bit of other waxing here and there ;) i was so happy to have trusted the "Brow Guru" having someone shape your brows is serious for me...& truly her title is deserved! She does provide other services & i will be going back for a much needed facial!

    So for you ladies with horrendous shaped brows- please grow them out and see her- your appearance will change :) ...your welcome

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